Brandon Holt, LCDC

I am a nationally acclaimed minister, motivator, and counselor who is considered as a tour de force for our times. Dubbed as “The People’s Preacher,” I came of age in the church in Arlington, Texas.

I attended Williams Barber College, Southwestern Christian College, and the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies. Today, I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor in Houston, Texas, where I am doing the critical work of changing lives.

Passionate about ministry, I planted the Connect Church of Christ in Baytown, Texas where I preach weekly, empowering people to discover their truth in the inspired Word of God. My wife, Crystal, and I have three boys and one daughter. I live by my favorite personal mantra, “One day at a time.”

Apart from being a minister, counselor, motivational speaker, and certified anger resolution therapist, I am an author. My first book, Preaching Under the Influence, is set to be released in March 2018.

As a minister and motivational speaker, I give speeches at various events with the goal of moving the hearts and minds of my audience. It fills me with pride that in every speaking engagement, with God’s help, I am able to achieve that goal. People would approach me and tell me how I’ve touched their hearts.