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substance abuse, and issues that impact the bi-racial community.  

Out of the darkness: How Nathan Pickering overcame suicidal thoughts, substance abuse

Pickering was transparent about his suicide attempt, nicotine and marijuana abuse in hopes of helping other. He is also a mental health advocate. The 6-foot-4 defensive tackle has committed to play for Mississipi State University and plans to continue his mission of ending the stigma 

about mental health.

Lisa Marie Presley Gest Candid About Past Struggle with Drug Addiction: 'I Was Not Happy'

Presley attributes her recovery to her children; they were her purpose for turning her life around. What motivates you to make a lifestyle change? 

Personal stories drive home aim of 

opioid abuse campaign.

Devin Reaves shared his personal story in a video as part of Independence Blue Cross Foundation’s “Someone You Know” public awareness campaign to help others. "...even though they’re a big business they care and they put their money where their mouth is and I respect and appreciate that.” 

Their son killed himself. Now their employees’ mental health is their top concern.

This couple admitted that talking about their son's suicide helped them heal and they are paying it forward by investing in the lives of their employees.

Three ways to get people the mental-health care they need

Seek the help that you need! It's important to tell your doctor about ANY mental health issues you are experiencing. Health insurance plans are providing more coverage for mental-health care 

now than they ever have.

Necessary Conversations: The Church, Suicide, 

and Mental Health

What responsibilities do you think the church has with providing support for mental health and suicide prevention? 

Michael Douglas Discusses His Son's Battle With Drug Addiction and Imprisonment

If there's anything that I regret the most, it's the pain I caused my family. Can you identify with this type of guilt?

Black Celebs Suffering From Drug Addiction Deserve The Same Support as Demi Lovato

Do you think there's a difference in the way society treats black celebrities who struggle with drug addiction in comparison to white stars? 

Arizona man blames opioid addiction

 for his fraud scheme

This is what the addiction over-powering everything in your life looks like. I've been there before and it isn't pretty. 

What Demi Lovato has said about sobriety 

and mental health

Support those in your life who are working hard to stay sober. You never know how close they are to a relapse until it happens. 

How to Fight Opioid Addiction From 

Someone Who's Been There

Rodrigo Garcia was a nurse anesthetist who became addicted to hydrocodone after an ankle fracture. He abused his position to fuel his addiction until a brave soul reported him. Today, he's helping other medical professionals who find themselves in the same position